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The Wireless Age Magazine - 1921 Jan. - Front Cover Inside

This rare, ancient, Wireless Age, January 1921 issue of the now defunct, early radio magazine - The Wireless Age - on inside front cover page had the following;
The Wireless Age 1921 Jan. Front Cover Outside (28 KB)

Of Moulded High Frequency, High Tension Insulators and Insulator Parts

The company received a Medal and Diploma at World's Columbia Exposition Chicago, 1893.

INSULATORS 1,000 TO 1,000,000 VOLTS

These "ELECTROSE" Insulators are standard with UNITED STATES NAVY and ARMY and Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Companies, "Electrose" is made in a number of grades for various requirements, each grade possessing special characteristics. "Electrose" Insulators - Best in the World for High Frequency Currents, Power and Transmission circuits."

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