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Weston Thermo Ammeter Model 400 The Wireless Age Magazine Jan. 1921 P1

This rare, ancient, Wireless Age, January 1921 issue of the now defunct, early radio magazine - The Wireless Age - on Page 1 had the following;
The Wireless Age Page 1, January 1921 [17 Kbyte]

"Radio Frequency [RF] Ammeters
for determining
Antenna Currents
Model 400

Thermo Ammeter
(Not a Hot wire instrument)
is a Switchboard Type Instrument
7 1/4 inch diameter

Guaranteed accuracy of 1%. Equally accurate on currents of any audio or radio frequency.

Unaffected by changes of temperature. Extremely low power consumption. Can be used where bad waveform or frequency precludes the use of other forms of instruments - promised the advertisement."

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