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US Aircraft Radio Shows New Progress The Wireless Age Magazine Jan. 1921 P9

This rare, ancient, Wireless Age, January 1921 issue of the now defunct, early radio magazine - The Wireless Age - on Page 9 had the following;
The Wireless Age Page 9, January 1921 [27 Kbyte] "World Wide Wireless Continued from Page 8

US Aircraft Radio Shows New Progress
The Radio Force of the U. S. Naval Air Station at Hampton roads, Virginia, report that several of the planes attached to the Virginia station are of the same type as those which have been flying with the fleet and equipped with skid fin type of antenna, and that they have carried succesful communication up to an actual average of 70 miles, and close to 100 miles working the ground station."

American and English Radio Interests Reach Agreement
GODFREY ISAACS, head of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd., just before sailing on the White Star liner Olympic, after conferring with officials of the Radio Corporation of America and several electrical firms, said:
'All I can mention relative to the result of conferences with Radio Corporation is that we have reached certain understandings that will no doubt lead to great developments in the future.'

100 Words a Minute Radio Transmissions
IT is stated that experiments in wireless telegraphy by officers at Woolwich, England, have succeded in transmitting messages over considerable distances at the speed of 100 words a minute and that very much greater speeds have been proved to be attainable."

Radio Becoming An Aviation Necessity
The British Controller of Civil Aviation, Major General Sir F. H. Sykes, in a recent address before the Air Conference, impressed upon aviation transport firms the great importance..."

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