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Wireless Railroad Radio Signals The Wireless Age Magazine Jan. 1921 P10

This rare, ancient, Wireless Age, January 1921 issue of the now defunct, early radio magazine - The Wireless Age - on Page 10 had the following;
The Wireless Age Page 10, January 1921 [21 Kbyte] "Wireless Railroad Signals.
RADIO in railroading is a development long foreseen among those whose knowledge of signaling recognized the obsolescence of a method which depended upon the human eye to observe and the human arm to operate the signals provided on the open track to control railroad service.

For a number of years attempts were made to substitute some automatic agency for the human hand. Obviously this could be achieved by causing the locomotive to repeat any signals in some unmistakable manner, preferably by a transmission of sufficient amounts of energy from the open track at fixed points to cause the certain operation of a relay starting visible or audible signals of convenient intensity.

On account of the high speed of railroad trains mechanical devices could not in the long run stand the strain. Electrical contacts too would be a subject to rapid wear, so the solution rested in the idea of utilizing electric waves for the transmission of energy effects to traveling trains. Apparatus giving out electro-magnetics energy was installed at given intervals along the track and receivers tuned to these waves were placed on the locomotive. But these attempts failed to lead to any practical results because of the expense of the receiving apparatus and the risk of trouble in sensitive receiving apparatus on the locomotive.

An entirely different solution has been attempted in Germany, where a sending apparatus has been placed on the locomotive, with the loop-antenna so suspended from the underside as to cause electric waves to be radiated toward the permanent way. At points of the road where signals are to be given to the train there are tuned circuits, made up of a loop-shaped self-induction and a condenser, the characteristic wave of these circuits being identical to the wave length of the transmitter."

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