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The Wireless Age Magazine - 1921 Jan. - Page 11

This rare, ancient, Wireless Age, January 1921 issue of the now defunct, early radio magazine - The Wireless Age - on Page 11 had the following;
The Wireless Age 1921 Jan.  Page 11 (22 KB)

"America Amateurs Phone Reaches Scotland.

THE LONG-TIME dream of the amateur has been realized. Trans-ocean radio from America to Europe is now a fact. The new record for the transmission wirh low power of sound by radio telephone was established on October 6, when an amateur wireless operator in Scotland heard parts of a conversation and a phonographic selection emanating from an amateur experimental station (2QR) in Keyport, N. J., approximately 3,500 miles away.

This became known when Hugh Robinson, who with his sixteen-year-old son Harold, an active member of the National Amateur Wireless Association, has been experimenting with wireless telephone, received a letter from George W. G. Benzie of Aberdenshire, Scotland, dated October 12, in which the writer told of his experience in receiving the message."

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