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This is the OddMix RCA [Radio Corporation of America] Technical Manuals collection. The collection is made up of hard to obtain books, design and user manuals, RCA published technical literature items and other related surplus documentations. Most of these books and documents are not printed since the early seventies. That is highly regrettable because for a circuit or system designer, hobbyist or for the technically inclined they may be the best source of detailed technical information obtainable. These books and manuals are new, unused unless otherwise indicated. Do not delay too long as supply is extremely limited.
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 COSMAC Microboard Computer Manuals
 Additional Detailed Listing Page
 RCA Silicon Controlled Experimenter's Manual Technical Series KM-71
 MPM-920B Instruction Summary CDP1802 RCA COSMAC Microprocessor Code  RCA Linear Integrated Circuits IC-42 Op-Amp operation, Applications
 RCA WA-44C Audio Generator Sine Square Wave Operating Maintenance Manual  RCA WA-44C Audio Generator Sine Square Wave Operating Maintenance Manual
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