PCMCIA Card Computer PC CardBus Personal Modem Network FireWire Add-ons

These OddMix Personal Computers PCMCIA, PC Card, CardBus, Modems, Network, FireWire Adapters and other Add-ons are genuine vintage computer components. IBM Model 707 Home and Away 144 Modem and Internet Adapter, Hayes PCMCIA Optima 144 Data Fax Modem PC Card Adapter, 3COM Megahertz Model 3CXM356 56K WinModem, and many other items are available here.

 IBM PCMCIA Model 707 Modem Home and Away 144 Internet Adapter  Hayes PCMCIA Model Optima 144 Modem Data Fax PC Card Adapter
 PC Card IEEE 1394 PCMCIA FireWire Interface CardBus 400 Mbps Computer  3COM Megahertz Model 3CXM356 56K WinModem PC Card PCMCIA XJACK Connector
 56K Intel V.90 PC Card PCMCIA FAX Modem RJ-11 Connector Chipset Cable Driver  PCMCIA FAX Modem AT&T KeepInTouch 14.4 KBps V.32 V.42 Std's 16550 UART
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