RCA COSMAC CDP18S020 Evaluation Kit Technical Collectible Reference Information

A rare and useful but hard to find RCA COSMAC CDP18S020 Evaluation Kit is a poor man's microprocessor development system. With this board it is possible to design, breadboard and test stand alone RCA CDP 1802 microprocessor based systems. The Evaluation Kit PC board is assembled and it has some additional optional components. It is also a great teaching tool to study the RCA microprocessor's instruction set. The Micro Terminal is hooked up to the board to allow ease of use.

This is not a Chinese imitation, but the no longer made genuine, real Evaluation Kit. It is made with high quality double sided MIL-STD PC board and gold plated edge connector. Page is for reference only - Item is no longer available!
RCA COSMAC CDP18S020 Evaluation Kit [11 KB]


Mfr: RCA
High Quality PC board
Micro terminal included
Manual included
CDP18S020 Evaluation Kit Manual available


No longer Available
Data For Reference Only
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