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The Computer Reference Programs PC Application CD and DVDs for Windows, Macintosh and other programs in the OddMix Vintage Software collection is made up of a few hard to obtain computer reference program on single or multiple CDs and DVDs written for the Personal Computer [PC]. Some of these programs comes with printed books and technical literature. Most of these items have on their CD or DVD documentaion and they are new unless otherwise indicated. Do not delay too long as supply is extremely limited.

 Compton's Encyclopaedia 2000 Deluxe Multimedia Edition Windows Dual CD Reference  Compton's Complete Reference Collection 1998 Multimedia Windows CD Atlas Medical
 Compton's Interactive Bible NIV Zondervan Multimedia Windows CD Religious Reference  Encyclopaedia Britannica 2009 Multimedia Edition Windows Mac DVD Reference Software
 U.S. History on CD-ROM Multimedia Edition Windows Mac Reference Vintage Software  IBM World Book 2000 Deluxe Multimedia Edition Version 4 Windows Dual CD Reference
 Monarch Notes Multimedia Windows Guide to Understaning the Literary Classics CD Ref  Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000 Deluxe Multimedia Edition Windows CD Reference
 The Complete Multimedia Bible King James Version KJ Windows CD Religious Reference  Multimedia World History CD ROM Reference Windows MS DOS Vintage Collectible
 InfoPedia 2.0 Multimedia Encyclopedia Reference Library CD SoftKey Collectible  MultiPedia 2.0 Multimedia Reference Library Collection CD SoftKey Collectible Program
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Items listed are one of a kind, vintage, collector's choice items
First come first served, as supply is extremely limited
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