Free Javascript Downloadable Program ASCII Code Table Characters 64 thru 127

This downloadable free JavaScript program page helps webmasters and programmers to look up ASCII Character Codes faster and much easier. The original ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a set of 7 Bit codes originally designed for teletype operations. It was used to transfer data in the form of letters, numbers, some symbols, and control characters. At the down of the computer era it was exclusively and widely used for I/O (Input/Output) and computer communications. Not only the original ASCII code has survived to the present, but when the PC (Personal Computer) arrived at the scene, it was extended into the present day 8 Bit or extended ASCII.

This freeware JavaScript Code table contains the second half of the complete ASCII 7 Bit code. See the first half of the ASCII code table here.

Program Features:

JavaScript Code
Covers ASCII Codes;
Range Decimal: 64-127
Range Octal: 100-177
Range Hexadecimal: 40-7F
Free for noncommercial use
Do NOT modify script!
Download zip file

Program Use:

Download achrs2.zip file
Unzip the achrs2.zip file
Place following line on your webpage:

<script scr="path/ascii_2.js"></SCRIPT>
"path" is where the achrs2.js file located

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