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2N3904 Transistor N-P-N Motorola Silicon Switch High Speed Plastic Vintage Collectible

These are some rare, genuine Motorola made 2N3904 Silicon N-P-N transistors in a TO-92 plastic package in new unused or used condition. These standard units have gold plated short leads and made in the seventies. These small signal transistors are made for High Speed Switch industrial and commercial applications. They are planar construction for low noise and leakage and have low saturation voltage. They have a VCE=40 V, capable to handle a 0.2 Ampere maximum collector current and they have a 0.31 Watt maximum power dissipation and a minimum DC beta of 100 with a collector current of 10 mA, Cob= 4.0 pFmax. These units are real hard to find vintage collector's choice semiconductors. First come first serve supply is limited.
2N3904 Transistor N-P-N Silicon Switch High Speed Motorola Plastic Vintage Collectible [7 KB]


2N3904 NPN Silicon Transistor - Vintage
MFG: Motorola
Switch High Speed - Industrial, Commercial
TO 92 Plastic package - Gold plated wire leads
VCE=40 V, IC=0.2 Amax, PT=0.31 W, Cob= 4.0 pFmax
hFEmin=100 @ IC=10 mA, FT=300 MHz
Planar construction for low noise and leakage


Unused, or used vintage units
Price: $12 new - $10 used each Limited Availability
S/H included within continental US
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