Crystal Detector Radio Pyrite Diode RF Signal Rectifier Material Packages

These OddMix Pyrite crystals are new and best available quality parts. They are different in physical sizes, some larger and some smaller, as no two crystals are ever exactly alike. The packet of three detector radio grade crystals have at least one dimension in each crystal that is longer than 0.2 inches. The largest possible size available is about 0.5 inch in the longest dimesion. The most economical package has three crystals to allow selecting the best of the lot for highest signal output. All crystals are guaranteed to work. These assorted size crystal packages available in different configurations. The large crystal packages - CRY-1 nad CRY-2 - are contain crystals that are at least a 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.4 or larger. See details below. First come first serve. E-mail with special requirements.
Crystal Detector Radio Diode RF Signal Rectifier Material Pyrite Packages [10 KB] Features:
Pyrite for Crystal Detector Radio
All different sizes
Size Assorted: 0.2 min [in] in one dimension each
Size Large: 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.4 min [in] each
All new detector radio grade crystals
All guaranteed to work

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Order Number  Pcs  Description Price
 CRY-3A 2  Assorted sizes  $ 6
 CRY-5A 5  Assorted sizes  $ 10
 CRY-1 1  Single large crystal  $ 6
 CRY-2 2  Single large crystal  $ 10
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