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Type 9 Diode Crystal Radio Transitron Germanium Point Contact Signal Glass Package

These genuine germanium diodes are a rare find. These historical diodes are amongst the first diodes produced by the Transitron Company around 1960. By their construction, these devices are the missing link on the line of evolution between a crystal detector and a real solid state diode. In essence, these devices are a scaled down, small size, enclosed, fixed point contact crystal detectors. They are useable for Small Signal commercial, industrial and military signal diode applications. These are real hard to find vintage collector's choice semiconductors. First come first serve supply is very limited.
Transitron Type 9 Germanium Point Contact Signal Diode Crystal Radio Glass Package [5 KB]


1N34 Germanium Signal Diode Point Contact
MFG: Transitron Company
Low Power Signal Diode
Hermetic glass package
Early Diode by a long disappeared company
Low capacitance type, for High Frequency use
Excellent for Crystal Detector Radios


Unused condition, Original vintage semiconductor
Price: $10 Each diode Limited availability
S/H included within continental US
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