HP-35 Calculator Engineering Scientific Solid State Classic Hand Held

This HP-35 Scientific solid state classic calculator is a difficult to find vintage, collector's item. It is one of the FIRST ever type, mass produced, handheld, scientific calculator! It is in good working condition, with user manual. HP-35 Math Pack book with many worked out sample calculations is also available. 5x7 dots dot matrix sharp red LED display. This calculator uses reverse Polish notation, rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries and it comes with HP reliability. First come first serve, only one available!
HP-35 Scientific Solid State Classic Hand Held Calculator [12 KB]


FIRST Handheld HP Scientific Calculator
LED - [Light Emitting Diode] Display
Ni-Cd Rechargeable batteries
Quality Construction - Made in USA
Power Supply Module and Battery - included


Excellent working condition
Original User manual - included
HP-35 Math Pack book available
Price: $100 - was $650 originally!
S/H included within continental USA
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