Sudoku 64110-WDI Electronics Travel Game Interactive Battery Powered LCD Display

This as the classic collector's, Sudoku interactive electronic travel game. It comes unused, factory fresh, in an unopened package. It is housed in a silver and white color, quality plastic case with nineteen operating keys and it provides mind challenging endless entertainment. This is an electronic version of the classic paper game. English and Spanish language instruction included. It uses an LCD [Liquid Crystal Display] for display and is powered by a single CR2032, 3 Volt, Lithium Ion button battery cell (included). This is a difficult to find, useable, entertaining and collectable item. First come first serve, only one available!
Sudoku 64110-WDI Interactive Electronics Travel Game Battery Powered LCD Display [8 KB]


Sudoku 64110-WDI Interactive Electronic Game
LCD [Liquid Crystal Display] Displays
19 Operating Keys Keyboard - Quality construction
English and Spanish language Instruction - included
Power: CR2032, 3 Volt cell - included
Size: 75 x 115 x 17 [mm]
Weight: 85 [grams] - with battery


New, boxed - Price: $20 - One available
S/H included within continental USA
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