Hero Harmonica Musical Instrument 48 Holes Brass Reeds Three Octaves Plus Collectible

This classic, collector's special Hero 48 holes harmonica wind instrument with brass reeds, metal cover on wood frame covers more than three octaves. This fully functional collectible musical instrument was made in communist China (many years ago) by experienced craftsman. It comes unused, factory fresh, in its own custom hard box container with a protective light blue cloth cover. It is not the kind of toy harmonica, but is made for musicians to provide endless entertainment. This is a difficult to find, useable and collectable classic musical instrument. First come first serve only one available!
Harmonica Musical Instrument 48 Holes Brass Reeds Hero Three Octaves Plus Collectible [9 KB]


Harmonica Musical Wind Instrument
Hero 48 holes - musical notes
Three plus octaves coverage
Material: Brass reeds, wooden frame
Good quality Precision Construction
Factory Original Case, Protective Cloth Cover
Size: 184 x 30 x 40 [mm] - approximately
Weight: 133 [grams] - package


Factory fresh, unused condition
Price: $20 - One available
S/H included within continental USA
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