Straduari Stradivarius Violin Concert Antique Musical Instrument Three Qurter Size

This classic collector's, delight is a three quarter size possible - marked as - Stradivarius violin an antique musical instrument that has a burned mark and writing on its top - see picture - "Concert Violin Straduari". It was in a single family's possession in Hungary (central Europe) for several generations, and it had an outstanding voice. As a result of high school orchestra abuse, it has fallen into a bit of a disrepair. The instrument will require some tender loving care, ny an expert violin maker. It comes well used, several hundred years old, and when restored, sounds fantastic. It is made of selected ancient woods and sold as is to a collector or a future virtuoso. This is an extremely difficult to find, useable and collectable real classic musical instrument. First come first serve only one available!
Violin Straduari Stradivarius Concert Antique Musical Instrument Three Qurter Size [9 KB]
Concert Violin Straduari writing on the Neck of the Instrument [9 KB]


Possible Stradivarius violin
MFG: Maestro Stradivarius
Material: Selected Ancient Different Woods
Precision and quality construction
Concert Violin Straduari Writing on Neck
Several Hundred Years Old
Hundreds of Years in One Family's Posession
Comes from Hungary
Size Body: 190 x 350 x 50 [mm] - approx
Size Overall: 190 x 555 x 50 [mm] - approx
Weight: 350 [grams] - as shown


Used Condition - Great Collectible Even As Is
Complete but Repairs Required
Top has a Few Splits that Reqire Repair
All Original Pieces Keys etc. Included
Price: $800 AS IS - Investment Potential
S/H included within continental USA

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