MB802 CXX Automatic Electric Telephone Rotary Dial Mechanical Classic Collectible

This Automatic Electric MB802 CXX classic telephone is used to be the standard dependable office or home phone in the nineteen-sixties. It has high quality precision made mechanical rotary dial assembly, modular carbon microphone, speaker and spade type line connector terminals. This high reliability phone set is a smartly designed quality item that is useful as it is, for experimentation, special electronic hobby projects or for a replacement parts and a good source for quality parts and components. First come first serve, only one available!
Classic Telephone Mechanical Rotary Dial Automatic Electric MB802 CXX [9 KB]


MB802 CXX Classic Rotary Telephone Set
MFG: Automatic Electric Northlake Illinois
Mechanical, rotary pulse dialer
Real electro-mechanical bell
Fully functional nostalgia phone
Pre-dates the modular cables
Quality US made assembly
Size: 8.25 W x 9 D x 5 H [in]
Weight: 2120 grams with cable


Used, good working condition
Price: $50 - One available
S/H included within continental USA
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