BellSouth 33014 25 Channel Telephone Set Cordless Autoscan Lower Frequency

This BellSouth Model 33014 25 Channel autoscan cordless telephone has many convenience features. It works on lower frequency thus has higher quality sound, has high quality precision made components, a Ringer Equivalence Number of 1.0 B, modular RJ11C type line connector terminals, user replaceable battery pack. It's FCC Registration Number is C5Q9560. User's Manual and power supply module is included. This high reliability phone set is a smartly designed quality item that is useful as it is, for experimentation, special electronic hobby projects or for a replacement parts and a good source for quality parts and components. First come first serve, only one available!
BellSouth Model 33014 25 Channel Autoscan Cordless Telephone Set FCC ID C5Q9560 [10 KB]


Lower Frequency Autoscan Cordless Telephone
Model 33014 - 25 Channel
MFG: BellSouth - Quality US made
10 Number speed dial - Desk/Wall Mountable
Modular RJ11C connector terminals
Flash Key for Call-Waiting
FCC Registration Number: C5Q9560
Ringer Equivalence Number: 1.0 B
Size base: 210 x 128 x 55 [mm]
Size handset: 285 x 55 x 128 [mm]
Weight: 564 grams - base and handset


Unused, working condition
Price: $30 - battery NOT included
S/H included within continental USA
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