Hand Powered Drill Driver Tool All Metal Three Jaw Chuck Red Head Co Germany

This three jaw manual, keyless chuck and the hand drill it is attached to is made of metal for years of dependable service. Useable without electricity and uses standard drill bits or other handy attachments like screw and nut drivers. The drill body is cast metal, marked Red Head Mfg Co. Germany. It has two gears producing a four to one speeding up of the chuck. Most likely this drill is made in Germany because of its excellent quality, and good working condition after so many years. It is handy, most difficult to find, small, durable and long lasting. It can be used for beginners or experienced craftsman for home or professional projects. No chuck key required. Only one available.
Tool Hand Powered Drill Driver All Metal Three Jaw Chuck Red Head Mfg Co Germany [6 KB]


3 Jaw Keyless All Metal Chuck
Mfg: Red Head Mfg Co. Germany
Precision cast metal body
Precision ground flat chuck surface
Chuck Diameter: 26.5 [mm]
Drill Diameter: 1 - 6 [mm]
Size: 90 x 72 x 265 [mm]
Weight: 590 [gram]


Used, good working condition
Price: $25 - One available
S/H included within continental USA
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