Refractometer Optometric Instrument Glass Lens Set Medical Historical Collectible

This fine, early European circa 1900, optometric instrument 30 glass lens set in a silk lined case was the forerunner of the more modern and overpriced refractometers. It is a fine medical historical collectible item that is made of 28 metal framed individual lenses and other objects. To be able to quickly identify them, the concave (magnifying) lenses have gold frames, and the convex ones has silver. Useable to this day to make simple eye deficiency examinations by using one lens or a combination at a time to find the correct eyeglass prescription. It has two flat plane glass vedges (the planes form an angle) that is suitable to find sperical aberration of the patient's eye lens. It is a most difficult to find still useable collectible set. Only one set available.
Refractometer Glass Lens Set Medical Optometric Instrument Historical Collectible [8 KB]


Optometric Instrument 31 Lens Set
Made in Germany or Hungary cca. 1900
Precision ground lens set with metal frames
Two Set + and -: 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 Diopter
Precision ground flat vedges 3 and 6
One Metal Pinhole Lens - Framed
Lens Diameter: 38 [mm]
Custom Case Size: 262 x 108 x 52 [mm]
Weight: 578 [gram]


Used, excellent useable condition
Price: $300 Set - One set available
S/H included anywhere
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