Theodolite Engineering Tool Land Surveying Precision Optics US Made Copper Brass

This old, bubble level - a poor man's theodolite - an early precision engineering surveying instrument was made by the once famous E. Brown & Son, Mathematical Instrument Makers located at the time at No. 27 Fulton St, Newyork N.Y. in about 1900. This optical instrument has two major copper assemblies, and one other copper part. All is stored in its compartmented custom made original wooden storage container. The entire set weights 20 pounds, including the case. The main component is a long optical telescope, adjustable with fine threaded rock and pinion drive, with attached brass knobs. There are some scales, a liquid filled indicator tube with and air bubble and other adjustments to allow to read the various units and scales. This is a most difficult to find, technical historical collectable item. First come first serve, only one available!
Tool Theodolite Engineering Land Surveying Precision Optics US Made Copper Brass [8 KB]


Leveler Engineering Land Surveying Tool
E. Brown & Son Mathematical Instrument Makers
No. 27 Fulton St. New York
Made of Copper, Brass, Optical Glass
Made in US
Precision and quality construction
At least a hundred year old
Size: 23 L x 7 W x 6.25 H [in] - Box
Weight: 20 [lbs] with box


Older, used, useable condition
Rare opportunity for a technology collector
Price: $200 - One available
S/H included within continental US
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