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Figure 1. Analog Rotary Telephone Set [10 KB]
Fig 1. Analog Rotary Telephone Set

Those of us who followed the progress of the Personal Computers (PC) in home service in the past decades realized that totally free telephone conversations are possible with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

The analog technology of the early telephone service uses a small, nearly constant current with the user's voice superimposed over copper wires. All subscriber telephone sets are connected to a local central office via a pair of copper wire. Central offices were connected to neighboring offices via trunk lines.

Currently used telephone service uses digital and Internet technology to carry sound waves. Once the voice audio is converted to digital format, the signal is assembled into uniform size signal packets. These packets have the addresses of the sender and the target written in their header, then they are placed on the Internet to be moved using the VoIP protocol. Since the use of the Internet is "free" anyone with the proper hardware software combination are able to transmit real live audio conversations if the web connection is fast enough.

As an example of some potential savings using VoIP, Verizon - a regional remnant of the legendary Bell System - currently offers a "lifetime" Freedom Phone product for supposedly $24.99/Month. Because of "creative presentations" and general preferences to distort the truth for profit, by the time the bill was presented the bottom line was increased up to near $40.

Figure 2. Carbon Microphone Telephone [1 KB]
Fig 2. OOMA Hub Telephone

Verizon's notion of the "lifetime" is about four years as it was mentioned by the small print on their bill. In their heavily pushed fiber optic FiOS service most of the company's plans include the non-negotiable "basic" $50 telephone package. In spite that this phone service is entirely VoIP that does not uses their antiquated copper lines, nevertheless it is still comes complete with all of the standard phone company taxes. The FCC line charge, Gore Tax, 911 tax, tips and creative miscellany, the padded phone service will easily cost $70 per Month, even if no conversation has ever taken place.

All the while, the savvy PC users, outfitted with the proper computer software, sound cards, speakers and microphones happily talks to their colleges round the world for absolutely FREE. For casual computer users who are still desire to save money Magic Jack (MJ) is a good, low cost alternative. By and large MJ works, if the user is capable to keep their computer to run error free continuously, and connected to the Internet at all times via a high-speed broadband connection. MJ's sales only Internet site fails to mention these important facts.

The OOMA telephone is a truly outstanding free phone product. The OOMA phone works just like MJ, but without the required dedicated and user maintained always on and working PC. Each OOMA telephone set has a fully functional, dedicated computer inside their case. The phone is sold for a singular total cost of around $250. The OOMA phone is a lifetime pre-paid telephone service for the price of the equipment's. The OOMA phone user receives a really free telephone service anywhere within the USA. Calling other countries cost a few pennies per minutes. OOMA setup can't be any simpler, but for proper operation a high-speed broadband connection is required. OOMA phone comes with a power module and a well-written manual. Many other extra options are also available.

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