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This is the OddMix minerals collection. It has a few gems, stones, metallic rocks, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, crystals and other odds and ends collectibles. No two are ever exactly identical. Many of these are ground and polished to a presentation quality high lustre finish that takes many hours to complete. Extremely limited availability!
 Gem Stone Age Embedded Organism Polished Rock Collectible  Gem Stone Age Embedded Organism Polished Rock Collectible 2
 Gen Stone Set Blue Amulet Lucky Charm Collectible Display  Gem Stone Set Brown Charm Protection Collectible Display
 Pyrite Crystal Polished Gem Quality Cube Amulet Talisman Lucky Charm  Quartz Copper Iron Ores Crystals Colorful Quality Mineral Collectible
 Pyrite Crystal Fool's Gold Mineral Collectible Radio Detector  Pyrite Crystal Fool's Gold 2 Mineral Collectible Radio Detector
 Quartz Pink Semi-Precious Stones Set Highly Polished Collectible  Jewel Quartz Blue Semi-Precious Quality Stone Polished Collectible
 Quartz Blue Semi-Precious Cross Cut Rock Slice Polished Collectible  Gem Quality Matched Set Quartz Smoky Rose Necklace Lucky Charm
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