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Lepidoptera Butterfly Flower Photographs OddMix Free Collection

In this OddMix Photographs Collection are some unusual, exotic and useful photographs for photo and clip art lovers, users and sophisticated collectors. These images are photographs taken with an early Olympus digital camera. Some backgrounds were edited out to decrease clutter and image size. These photos may be useful to decorate webpages, publications or for other noncommercial uses.

These exclusive OddMix copyrighted images are free to use for noncommercial purposes. Obtain license for all other uses. Many other images in better quality and larger sizes are available, e-mail for details.
 Butterfly [Lepidoptera] Photographs
 Image Size: 360x270 pixels
 Butterfly [Lepidoptera] Photographs Page 1
 Image Size: 320x240 pixels
 Butterfly [Lepidoptera] Photographs Page 2
 Image Size: 320x240 pixels
 Flower Photographs Free Assorted
 Image Size: 320x240 pixels
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