Inside AutoCAD Complete Guide Book Version 10 11

This complete AutoCAD guide, a - now - hard to find, but highly useful 1280 page classic book is for anyone who wishes to learn AutoCAD. Like many succesful programs, all the newer AutoCAD editions suffer from ever larger prices and those newer program releases are more complex, bloated and complicated. To achive the CAD program's intended purpose - to generate clean practical, drawings - yet keep it simple, and easy to use, the DOS and the early Windows versions are still the best. This book supports and covers version 10 and 11 and makes it easier to learn the basic principles of the AutoCAD program. Other AutoCAD Items are also available. First come first serve only one available.
Book Inside AutoCAD Complete Guide Version 10 11 Tutorial Reference Exercises Notes [12 KB]


Title: Inside AutoCAD
Authors: D. Raker and H. Rice
Publisher: Special Edition
Publisher: NRP
Date of publication: 1991
AutoCAD information, and reference
1280 Pages - Paper Cover
ISBN: 1-56205-020-6
Size: 7.4 W x 9.25 H x 2.4 D [in] approx.


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