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The OddMix Surplus Heathkit Manuals group is made up of a few hard to obtain technical, user, data, operations, schematics, manuals, catalogs, books or other technical literature items for sale. Most of these books and technical publications are factory fresh (new) and unused unless otherwise indicated. Do not delay too long as supply is extremely limited.
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 IM-17 Solid Heathkit State Voltmeter Assembly Operation Manual FET DC AC Ohms  IM-18 Heathkit VTVM Vacuum Tube Voltmeter Assembly Operation Manual
 RF18 #309 Heathkit RF Crystal Probe Kit VTVM 1N34 100 MHz Assembly  RF18 #310 Heathkit TV High Voltage Probe Kit Television kV Assembly
 IG-5240 Heathkit Color Generator Assembly Operation Manual  Heathkit Catalog 819 Winter 1978
 IO-105 Heathkit Dual-Trace Oscilloscope Assembly Operation Manual Circuit Parts List  IO-4510 Heathkit 15 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope Assembly Operation Manual
 IP-17 Heathkit Regulated High Voltage Power Supply Assembly Operation Manual  Heathkit IT-17 Tube Checker Tester Assembly Operation Manual
 IT-5230 Heathkit CRT Tester Rejuvenator Assembly Operation Manual  IT-5230 Heathkit CRT Tester Rejuvenator Assembly Operation Manual
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