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CDP18S623 RCA COSMAC Microboard 8-KB RAM User Manual MB-623 Circuit Diagram

This is a difficult to find User Manual MB-623 - a 6 page booklet - in new, unused condition for the CDP18S623 RCA COSMAC Microboard 8-Kilobyte RAM. This manual helps to explain the workings of the CDP1802 microprocessor. It has a circuit diagram, specifications, design help.
MB-623 CDP18S623 RCA COSMAC Microboard 8-KB RAM User Manual [9 KB]


User Manual - CDP18S623 Microboard 8-KB RAM
RCA Publication: MB-623 - 6 Pages
Circuit diagram
Operating and design information
Size: Approximately 8.5 W x 11 H [in]


Price: $10 One Available
S/H included within continental US
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