Introduction to Music A Guide to Good Listening Reference

This is an authoritative outline for people interested to approach listening to music seriously. This Guide to Good Listening is a handy highly applicable reference publication. It has a soft cover, published in the USA by Barnes and Noble in 1958, and it has 260 highly informative, indexed pages. This text book covers musical history thru notation, has lots of detailed illustrations and it is printed on quality, time resisting paper. First come first serve only one available.

Introduction to Music A Guide to Good Listening Reference Outline Textbook [9 KB]


Title: Introduction to Music
Author: Hugh M. Miller
A Guide to Good Listening
Publisher: Barnes and Noble
Date of Publication: 1958
Soft Cover - Index - 260 Pages
Library of Congress No.: 58-59549
ISBN: 06-460109-9
5.25 W x 8 H x 0.6 D [in] approx.


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