Micro-Logic II Digital Circuit Analysis Program

This is a hard to find Electronic Circuit Analysis Program is a requirement for designing circuits and systems. Circuit simulation usually devided into two major different groups; analog and digital circuits simulators. There is some overlap, but not much, as different device libraries are required for the SPICE engine. This is a Digital simulator, with many hundreds parts in its included components TTL, CMOS, MSI library. It has a lot of old parts models, but any new part can be added easily with the included tools.

Digital circuit design is a lot simpler and easier than analog design. Even though this program is written to run on a DOS PC platform, it works as well, or better under the more modern Windows operating systems. That is because the Windows 2000 XP and Vista - all the operating systems without the underlying DOS - emulate a DOS environment flawlessly. Of course with an ancient DOS the program works as well. The Designer - Schematic Editor is a highly intuitive program allows the designer to assemble his circuit on the Windows like grapical plane. The easiest way to draw neet looking, readable schematics. To try it out without breadboarding it, is like a miracle. A terrific time and parts saver.

Micro-CAP II has lots of useful generic and specific simulation information applicable for many occasions. The Designer, Component Editor, Pattern and Clock Editors, Device Models, Sample Circuits, Utilities, Index, Appendices among other topics. First come first serve, only one available.
Micro-Logic II Digital Circuit Analysis Program Guide Manual Technical SPICE Reference [4 KB]

Micro-CAP II Electronic Circuit Analysis Program
Publisher: Spectrum Software 1988
160 Pages - Hard Cover
100 Components, 4000 lines maximum limit
2 Floppy Disk - Slip Case
8 W x 9.25 H x 2.5 D [in] case approx.

The Designer - Component Editor
Shape Editor - Pattern and Clock Editors
Device Models - Sample Circuits
Appendices - Utilities - Index

Excellent condition Price: $100 One available
S/H included within continental US
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