Instant Assembler TRS-80 Model III User Utility Program Mumford Micro Systems

This small size Z80 assembler program and its user manual is a good way to learn the operation of the TRS-80 and its Z-80 processor's instruction and machine language. Just like the TRS80 computer this software and book combination is hard to find. It is published by Mumford Micro Systems in circa 1981-1983. The software package on the diskette is made up of six command files; Instant Assembler Debugger, 48K Linker, 32K Linker, Top Down linking Loader, Relocateable Debugger Disassembler, Nondistructive Re-Entry Routine. This small footprint tool is good for stand-alone, Z-80 based product development. It runs on emulators or a genuine surviving TRS-80 Model III/4 with a Z-80 processor, or to set up an old computer museum. First come first serve, only one available.
TRS-80 Instant Assembler Model III User Utility Program Mumford Micro Systems [6 KB]

Instant Assembler & Reference Manual
Publisher: Mumford Micro Systems - cc 1982
Six Command FIles - User Manual - 65 Pages
TRS-80 Model III TRSDOS Version
8.5 W x 11 H x 3/8 D [in] approx.

Instant Assembler Debugger - 48K Linker
32K Linker - Top Down linking Loader
Relocateable Debugger Disassembler
Nondistructive Re-Entry Routine

Excellent condition Price: $15 One available
S/H included within continental US
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