LS-DOS63 06.03 TRS-80 No Manual Vintage Operating System Program Logical Systems

This LDOS Disc Operating System program supposed to be an improved TRSDOS 6 for Model 4 computers. Apparently the company licensed the TRS-DOS and not only took out most of the typo's and some bugs from the Radio Shack's version, but made a habit of taxing the TRS-80 user community by issuing correction sheets periodically that users were to buy always for additional fees. Inspite the heavy advertising, and the excessive documentation, the operating system itself was not much different than TRSDOS. This program is without its excessive manual. Use the TRSDOS manual or find one on the web. It is still a useful program to run on emulators or a genuine surviving TRS-80 with its Z-80 processor. Just like the TRS80 computer, this collectible software is hard to find. This DOS was published by Logical Systems in 1986. First come first serve, only one available.
TRS-80 LS-DOS63 06.03.00 No Manual Vintage Operating System Program Logical Systems 1986 [9 KB]


TRS-80 LS-DOS63 06.03.00
Publisher: Logical Systems - cc. 1986
TRS-80 Model 4 - Floppy Disc Program
5.25 inch TRS-80 Floppy - No User Manual


Fine historical collectible program
Price: $15 One available
S/H included within continental US
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