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Level II BASIC Reference Manual TRS-80 Computer Program Technical Book Radio Shack

This highly rated, informative classic manual covers the TRS-80 expanded Level II BASIC program. Just like the TRS80 computer, this book is hard to find, but it is a highly useful computer technical reference book. It was published by Radio Shack, Catalog No.: 26-2102, is a paper bound, book with 140 pages. Partial contents include; Setting Up the System, General Information, Tips on Loading Cassette Programs, Program Statements, Strings, Arrays, Appendixes, Index and other topics. First come first serve two available.
Level II BASIC Reference Manual TRS-80 Computer Technical Book Radio Shack [12 KB]

Level II BASIC Reference Manual
Publisher: Radio Shack - 1978
Catalog No.: 26-2102 - 140 Pages - Paper Bound
11.25 W x 8.5 H x 0.75 D [in] approx.

Setting Up the System - General Information
Tips on Loading Cassette Programs
Program Statements - Strings - Arrays
Appendixes - Index

Excellent condition $15 Each Two available
S/H included within continental US
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