MICRO/Courier Model III Communication Program TRS-80 Vintage Radio Shack 26-1589

This vintage pair, TRS-80 Model III MICRO/Courier Minidisk formatted with DOS 1.3 Disc Operating System program 1980, Radio-Shack, Number 26-1589 sold for secure computer to computer communication. This program has no manual or any other documentation, but has a help command for selecting the possible operating modes. The two original working copies are in excellent shape for a functional technical collectible. They are useful to run on emulators or a genuine surviving TRS-80 Model III/4 with a Z-80 processor, or to set up an old computer museum. Using a pair on two IBM PC emulators probably makes close to absolute secret transmissions possible, as no hackers would ever bother to figure out this ancient, but effective encryption technique. Just like the TRS80 computers now, collectible software is hard to find. First come first serve, only one set available.
TRS-80 MICRO/Courier Model III Communication Program Vintage Radio Shack 26-1589 [12 KB]


MICRO/Courier Model III Communication Program
Publisher: Radio Shack - 1980
Genuine RS TRS-80 Model 3 DOS Program - 26-1589
Runs on TRS-80 Model III/4
2 x identical 5.25 inch TRS-80 Floppy


Excellent condition $20 set of 2 One set available
S/H included within continental US
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