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Floppy Drive RFD480 RFD960 TRS-80 48 96 TPI Dual Headed Reference Manual

This informative, collectible, vintage floppy drive Reference and Performance Specification Manual helps to select and connect a floppy disk drive to a TRS-80 computer. The booklet covers timing diagrams, modes of operation, dimensions and detailed specifications. Just like the TRS80 computer, this book is hard to find. It was published by Ex-Cell-O Corporation - Remex Division, No.: ED2-663/111, paper bound with 24 pages. First come first serve one available.
TRS-80 Floppy Drive RFD480 RFD960 48 96 TPI Dual Headed Reference Manual Info [7 KB]

Floppy Drive RFD480 RFD960 Reference Manual
Ex-Cell-O Corporation - Remex Div.
No.: ED2-663/111 - 24 Pages - Paper Bound
8.5 W 11 H x x 0.1 D [in] approx.

Introduction - Specification - Physical Characteristics
Power Requirements - Interface Description
Modes of Operation - Connector Pin Assignments
Options - Reliability

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