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TRSDOS Version 6 TRS-80 Disk Model 4/4P Reference Manual PC Computer Radio Shack

This highly rated, fully functional, informative Disk Operating System (DOS) version 6 program and manual is for the Radio Shack Model 4/4P computer. Just like the TRS-80 computer this book is hard to find, but it is a highly useful technical manual. It contains the disk drive and its power supply schematics diagram and published by Radio Shack as an important computer operating reference document. Partial contents include; Hard Disk System Start Up, TRSDOS, BASIC, Replacement Pages for Model 4 Technical Reference Manual, Appendixes, Index and other topics. First come first serve one available.
TRS-80 TRSDOS Disk Model 4/4P Reference Manual Version 6 PC Computer Radio Shack [10 KB]

TRSDOS and Disk 4/4P Reference Manual
Publisher: Radio Shack - 1979
TRSDOS 06.02.01 Original Vintage Diskette
740+ Pages in Original Vintage Binder
8.5 W x 11 H x 2 D [in] approx.

Hard Disk System Start Up - TRSDOS
BASIC - Replacement Pages for
Model 4 Technical Reference Manual
Appendixes - Index

Excellent condition $40 One available
S/H included within continental US
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