Model III TRSDOS Disc Operating System TRS-80 Program 1.3 Vintage Radio Shack 26-312

This factory fresh, Model III TRSDOS Disc Operating System Minidisk formatted with Disc Operating System program 1980, Radio-Shack, Number 26-312 sold with their Model 3 and 4 computers. This program was - and is - sold without a manual. Use the stadard disc user TRSDOS manual - or use your own. It is a superb, unopened, technical collectible and a useful program to run on emulators or a genuine surviving TRS-80 with its Z-80 processor, or to set up an old computer museum. Just like the TRS80 computer now, collectible software is hard to find. First come first serve, only one available.
TRS-80 TRSDOS 1.3 Model III Operating System Program Vintage Radio Shack 26-312 [11 KB]


TRS-80 TRSDOS Model III Operating System Program
Publisher: Radio Shack - cc. 1980
TRS-80 Model 3 DOS Program - 26-312
Sold as shown without User Manual
Genuine, Original 5.25 inch TRS-80 Floppy


Excellent condition $20 One available
S/H included within continental US
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