Video Card PCI 128 Bit Number Nine Imagine VRAM Graphics Accelerator PC VESA VGA

This is the unequaled, much envied Number Nine NB128-V4-P-16 Imagine PCI 128 Bit Graphics Accelerator High Performance VESA VGA Video PC Card. It uses high speed dual ported VRAM, 4 MB installed, and a high speed RAM DAC and a standard 15 pin output connector. This boxed, well made card powered by the legendary Number 9 video engine comes ready to use with application software, HawkEye for Windows Graphics Utility, complete with a detailed User's and Installation Guides and drivers on nine high density 1.44 MB floppy disc. Only one available.
Video Card PCI VRAM 128 Bit Graphics Accelerator PC Number Nine Imagine VESA VGA [9 KB]

Imagine PCI 128 Bit Graphics Accelerator PC Card
MFG: Number Nine Visual Technology
PCI local bus Interface
RAM: 4 MB Static High Speed VRAM
RAM DAC: TI DAC - 220 MHZ Dot Clock
Video Engine: #9 Computer Imagine 128
Standard PCI card edge connector
Installation Guide, User Guide included
Drivers and Utility Software included
Size: 9 x 4.1 [inches] - 230 x 103 [mm]
Exceptionally well made, famous card

Boxed, Excellent working condition
Price: $50 - One available
S/H included within continental US
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