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Winn Detector No. 400, $5 [22 Kbyte]
Picture 1. The "Winn Detector No. 400, $5" from the early 1920s. This ad appeared in Page 649 in the May issue of the Radio Amateur News monthly published in 1920

A Simple Two Element Fleming Valve Circuit [3 Kbyte] On Picture 4 is from the "A Simple Two Element Fleming Valve Circuit" from the "I want to Know" Department for the Radio Experimenter. This picture article originally appeared in Page 640 in the May issue of the Radio Amateur News monthly published in 1920.

This "I want to Know" beginners department has two full pages of useful and informative mini articles like this one about about "Rectifying Bulb Circuit", "Use of Same Detector and Amplifier Batteries", "Small Efficient Transmitters", "Types of Honey-Comb Coils". "The Almost Obsolete Fleming Valve" and the like - so many useful, fun to read little historical gems.

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