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The OddMix Specials Items section offers rare collector's clocks, pocket watches, wrist watches, lead crystals, fine porcelain, vases, ironing irons, pestles, calculators programmable, scientific and simpler, precision tools, engineering tools and items, high voltage components, telephones, electronic games and other exotic electronics items. Many of these are rare vintage, collectible items.

 Lead Crystal Special Glass Porcelain Fine Assorted Rare Antique Items Metal Antique Items Brass Bronze Iron Rare Assorted Hard to Find Specialty Collectibles
 Calculators Programmable Scientific Mechanical Basic Four Function Solar Doll Collection Classic Porcelain Head Figures Toy Collectibles Action Items
 Office Equipment Electric Typewrites Printers Calculators Technology Items Mechanical Clocks Watches Alarm Wrist Electronic Timepieces Timers Collectables
Optical Items [1 KB] Military Surplus Army Navy Air Force Items the OddMix World War Collection Tools Toolroom Instruments Precision Sewing Watch Repair Soldering Special Items
 Telephony Items Telephones Ringers Dialers Handsets Recorders Cords Parts Medals Decoration Emblem Award Gold Silver Bronze Iron Rare Assorted Collectibles
 Engineering Tools Drawing Instruments Drafting Slide Rule Compass Planimeter Games Classic Electronic Collectible Entertainment Items
 Local Pickup Items Somerset County NJ Somerville area Musical Instruments Classic Violins Stradivarius Suzuki Muller Blockflöte
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