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The OddMix Vacuum Tubes section has rare antique, vintage, exotic, original, discontinued and collector's, space-charge, audio tubes and Fleming valves. Many of these thermionic devices were made by RCA, GE, Sylvania, Philco and others to be used in radio receivers, transmitters, short wave sets, amateur ham radio, car radios, television sets, audio amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, instruments and special purpose circuits. These electronic devices are excellent for antique radio and television restoration projects or for a vacuum tube museum.

 0A2    - 0Z4   6A8    - 6AU5GT 6S4A  - 6X8A 12B4A - 12BZ7  50B5   - 50Y7GT
 1B3    - 1X2   6AU6 - 6AZ8 7AU7  - 7N7 12C5 - 12X4  80        - 9XX
 2-01C - 2X2 6BA6 - 6BZ8 8AU8  - 8JV8 13DE7 - 19X8 117Z3    - 117Z6
 3A3    - 3V4  6C4   - 6CZ5 9AU7  - 9BR7 22DE4 - 25W4GT 3223      - 5965
 4AU6  - 4HM6 6DA4 - 6FV6 10       - 11 30       - 35Z5GT 6080      - 6973
 5AM8  - 5Y3GT 6GF7 - 6MD8 12AD6 - 12AZ7A 40        - 408A Lamps & Bulbs

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