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12B4A - 12BZ7 Vacuum Tubes Electronic Radio TV Thermionic Valves Rare Antique

These "12" group OddMix Vacuum Tubes - by and large - uses 12 Volt for filament voltage comprise a wide variety of rare, vintage, exotic, original and collector's vacuum tubes, electron tubes and thermionic valves. These tubes are differ in size and shape and purpose. They were made by a variety of companies decades ago at the "good old times". First come first serve as only a few of each of these rare historical vacuum tubes available!
12B4A Low-Mu Triode 1 RCA
12BA6 Remote-Cutoff Pentode 1 Sylvania
12BD6 Remote-Cutoff Pentode 1 RCA
12BH7A Medium-Mu Twin Triode 1 Sylvania
12BK5 Beam Power Tube - Discontinued 1 RCA
12BL6 Remote-Cutoff Pentode - 12 V Anode! 1 Sylvania
12BQ6GA Beam Power Tube - Discontinued 1 Sylvania
12BR7 Twin Diode, High-Mu Triode - Discontinued 1 Sylvania
12BY7A Sharp-Cutoff Pentode 1 RCA
12BZ7 High-Mu Twin Triode 1 Philco

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