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50B5 50C5 50L6GT 50Y7GT Vacuum Tubes Electronic Radio TV Thermionic Valves Rare

These OddMix "5X" group Vacuum Tubes - by and large - uses 50 Volt for filament voltage, and comprise of the 50B5, 50C5, 50L6GT and 50Y7GT rare, vintage, exotic, original and collector's vacuum tubes, electron tubes and thermionic valves. These tubes are differ in size and shape and purpose. They were made by a variety of companies decades ago at the "good old times". First come first serve as only a few of each of these rare historical vacuum tubes available!
50B5 Beam power Tube 1 RCA
50C5 Beam power Tube 1 RCA
50L6GT Beam power Tube 1 RCA
50Y7GT Vacuum Rectifier-Doubler 1 RCA

Shipping - Included within the continental US. - Add $3 for Canada.   All other countries add $5

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