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The OddMix Special Purpose Vacuum Tubes section has a wide variety of rare antique, vintage, exotic, original, discontinued and collector's vacuum tubes, space-charge electron tubes, audio tubes and Fleming valves. Many of these thermionic vacuum devices were made by RCA, GE, Sylvania, Philco and others to be used in radio receivers, transmitters, short wave sets, amateur ham radio, car radios, television sets, audio amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, electrometer, instruments and special purpose circuits. These devices are excellent for antique radio and television restoration projects or for a vacuum tube museum.
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 KT66 Beam Power Tetrode Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Vacuum Tube  KT66 M.W.T. Beam Power Tetrode Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Vacuum Tube
 RL12P35 Telefunken RF Power Pentode Wehrmacht Military Transmitter Electron Tube  807 Beam Power Tube 100 MHz AF RF Amplifier Oscillator Modulator RCA Electron
 829B Twin Beam Power Transmitter Tube  RC-5RP7 RCA Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
 931 Electrometer Beckman Vacuum Tube  932 Electrometer Beckman Vacuum Tube Sylvania Derivative
 ME1400 Mullard Electrometer Pentode High Input Resistance Vacuum Tube  CRC 1616 Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier Electron Tube RCA Transmitter Industrial Military
 EL C1K Radio Vacuum Electron Tube Thermionic Valve Vintage Antique  FX-193U Xenon Flashlamp Tube
 955 Medium-Mu Acorn Triode AF RF Amplifier RCA Transmitting Vacuum Electronic Tube  931A Photomultiplier Nine Stage High Sensitivity Sylvania Vacuum Tube
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