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1616 Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier Electron Tube RCA Transmitter Military Industrial

This is an original, sturdy RCA 1616 CRC Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier made with a solid graphite anode. It is made with a four contact socket and an anode cap. This tube was made during WWII, for the U.S. NAVY - contract NX4744 - in 1943. Developed to use for power suppy applications in transmitting for military and industial equipment.

The CRC 1616 has a high power, coated filament, strong emitter. This low resistance tube uses 2.5 Vac, 5 A for it's filament. Excellent war memorabilia, good for amature and ham radio projects, donating it to a science place for tax credit or to set up a private vacuum tube museum. This Navy item is unused and kept for over 70 years with it's original packaging material, in good condition. First come first serve, as only one available!
CRC 1616 Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier Electron Tube RCA Transmitter Industrial Military [12 KB]


CRC 1616 Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier
MFG: RCA High quality Made in USA
Direct Coated filament, high emitter type
Filament Voltage: 2.5 Vac, 5 A
Plate Voltage: 6,000 Vmax PIV
Plate Current: 800 mAmax, 130 mAavg
Plate Fault Current: 2.5 Amax
Base: 4-pin with anode pin


Discontinued, vintage, collectible WWII item
Made for U.S. Navy contract NX4744 in 1943
Unused Price: $15 Only one available
S/H included within continental US
1616 4-Pin Vacuum Electronic Tube Electrode Connections
PIN # 1 2 3 4 Cap
Electrode Heater No Connect No Connect Heater Anode
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