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932 Beckman Electrometer Tetrode Sylvania 1229 Derivative Type 32 Vacuum Tube

This is an original 932 Beckman Electrometer Tetrode replacement tube originally a green Sylvania 1229 derivative based on the Type 32 vacuum tube and selected for lowest grid current with additional shield added. A rare, hard to find, classic four pin tube. It is useful in many older instruments, special circuits, VTVMs, old time receivers, transmitters and transcievers. Useful for antique radio, instrument restoration projects or to set up a private vacuum tube museum.
931 Beckman Electrometer Tetrode Sylvania 1229 Type 32 Derivative Vacuum Tube [5 KB]


932 Beckman Electrometer Tube
Possibly a Sylvania 1229 Derivative
Based on the Sylvania Type 32
High quality Made in USA
Low grid current selection
Filament: 2 V, 60 mA
Plate: 180 VDCmax
Base: 4-pin Discontinued Collectible Tube


Unused Price: $20 One available Without box
S/H included within continental US
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