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This Semiconductor section has a wide variety of rare, antique, vintage, exotic, original, discontinued, collectible solid state devices. Many of these were made by Bell Laboratories, RCA, GE, Sylvania, Philco and others to be used in radio receivers, transmitters, short wave sets, amateur ham radio, car radios, televisions, audio amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, instruments and special purpose circuits. These devices are excellent for antique radio and television restoration projects, private collection or for a semiconductor museum.

 1N Germanium Silicon Signal Diode Rectifier MIL JEDEC Hermetic Glass Plastics Vintage House Number Ge Si Signal Diode Rectifier MIL JEDEC Hermetic Glass Plastics Vintage
 2N Thyristors SCR Triac SCS Switch Ge Silicon Small Large Power Vintage Parts Other Thyristors SCR Triac SCS Switch Ge Si Small Large Power Vintage Parts
 2N Transistors Ge Si Bipolar NPN PNP Amplifier Switch Small Signal Power Vintage Parts House numbered Ge Si Transistors Bipolar NPN PNP Small Signal Power Assorted Vintage
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