Military Surplus Army Navy Airforce Items the OddMix World War Collection

This is the OddMix Military Surplus Army Navy Airforce Items the OddMix World War Collection. These items are new or used as indicated. There is a large number of additional components which are presently available. Use the OddMix Search tool to locate items of interest. E-mail your special requirements.

 Parts Electronic Batteries Lamps Motors
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 Radio TV Vacuum Tubes Valves Electronic
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 Meter 50 uAmps FS Geiger Counter Universal Atomics Precision Radiation Detector  Electrolux 23350 Dynamotor 28 to 285 VDC Generator Rotary Voltage Converter
 GE DY-2A/ARR-2 Motor Generator 28 VDC - 250 VDC Voltage Converter Rotary  Generator 4 Pole Tachometer Aircraft 1250 RPM Varo Electrokinetics Model 4879
 Sight Assembly US Army Air Corp N-3B Fixed Gun Cannon Service Tool & Engineering Co  Pulse Transformer Shielded Raytheon U-8198 Assembly US Navy
 Vacuum Tube 1616 RCA Half-Wave Rectifier for U.S. NAVY Transmitters  AC Meter AN/PSM3 15-750 VAC 50-1000 Cycles Large Analog US Military
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Items listed are one of a kind, vintage, collector's choice items
First come first served, as supply is extremely limited
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