Ammeter 50 uAmps FS Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Universal Atomics Reference

This genuine Universal Atomics 50 Microamps FS (Full Scale) precision rotating coil meter has a good size, round, easy to read, dual marked scale window, and a jeweled analog mechanical meter movement. It is used, but in a good working condition. The robust design and dependable mechanical meter movement makes this instrument practically indestructible. The scale is marked in MR/HR (MilliRoentgen/Hour) and CPM. This sealed, watertight meter was designed to be used in a handheld Geiger Counter. Excellent replacement, or for new projects it is a sensitive meter.
Ammeter 50 uAmps FS Precision Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Universal Atomics [11 KB]

50 microamp Meter Movement
MFG: Universal Atomics Company
Useable in a handheld Geiger Counter
Input Current Max: 50 uAmps Full Scale
Dual Scale MR/HR and CPM
Large movement window 1.8 Dia [in]
Waterproof enclosure
2.1 Dia x 1.75 D[inches]
Sturdy construction - Made in USA


Used, excellent working condition
Price: $50 One available
S/H included within continental US
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