Lens Concave Convex Multiple Telephoto Schneider Slide Projector B&L Optical Surplus

The OddMix Lenses, Schneider, Telephoto, Multiple, Slide Projector, B&L, Optical Surplus Items collection comprised of quality new or vintage items for sale. These special bargain listings include precision lens assemblies, telephoto lenses and objectives of many different kind. Click on the small images for details. Limited availability.

 Lens Microscope Eyepiece 10 x WF Stereo Assembly Bausch & Lomb Multiple Elements  Prism 90 Degree Anti-Reflection Coated Glass Bausch & Lomb Precision Assembly
 Lens Telephoto Schneider Variogon Movie Camera Optical  Lens Assembly Slide Movie Video Projector Multi Element Precision Special
 Lens and Mirror Assembly Tamron Anti-Reflection Coated Glass Elements  Lens Assembly Multiple Elements f=230mm Heavy Duty Aluminum Housing Tominon
 Magnifier 3x Handheld Classic 90MM & 60 MM Optical Glass Philatelic  Magnifier 3x Handheld Classic 100MM Optical Glass Philatelic
 Lens Assembly Projector R.C.A. 2 In F1.6 Multi-Element Coated Optics Metal Housing  Lens Assembly 35MM F3.5 Wollensak Amaton Alphax Photographic Camera
 Refractometer Glass Lens Set Medical Optometric Instrument Historical Collectible  Refractometer Glass Lens Set Medical Optometric Instrument Historical Collectible
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Items listed are one of a kind, vintage, collector's choice items
First come first served, as supply is extremely limited
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